Jameis Winston, Florida State Sued by Rape Accuser


A lawsuit has been filed against Jameis Winston by Erica Kinsman, a former Florida State student who accused the quarterback of raping her in 2012.

Kinsman’s complaint was filed Thursday in circuit court in Orlando and details an alleged rape by Winston on Dec. 7, 2012.

Winston was not charged criminally, and a FSU decision and appeal did not find him responsible for violating the student conduct code.

In a statement, John Clune, Kinsman’s attorney, said, “He took something here that he was not entitled to and he hurt someone. There are consequences for that behavior and since others have refused to hold him accountable, our client will.”

David Cornwell, an attorney advising Winston, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Winston, a former Seminole and Heisman Trophy winner, is expected to be the top pick in the NFL Draft on April 30.

Kinsman is also suing Florida State in federal court for violations of Title IX.

SOURCE: USA Today Sports

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