Kirk Cameron Reportedly Turned Down a Role In “Left Behind” Remake

Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron reportedly turned down a role in the “Left Behind” remake, according to Cloud Ten Pictures producer David Heimbecker who worked on the 2014 film.

Cameron was offered a different role from that of reporter Buck Williams who he played in the straight to DVD adaptations that were released in the early 2000s. Cameron turned it down, according to Heimbecker, who said he would probably not be approached again for the upcoming sequel.

“We actually approached Kirk Cameron for a role [in the first film],” Heimbecker told The Christian Post. “He’s obviously at an age that doesn’t fit [for Buck Williams] anymore. He was not interested. So it’s unlikely he would be in the next one. Probably for the same reason.”

The Christian Post contacted Kirk Cameron for comment but he could not be reached.

Heimbecker confirmed last week that Cloud Ten Pictures will release a sequel to the 2014 adaptation of the books that follow an End Times narrative sometime later this year. The company has already started a crowd funding campaign to close the gap in production costs. He also discussed the possibility of the first film’s star, Nicholas Cage, returning for the second installment.

Heimbecker told CP that three of the actors, whom he did not reveal, are under contract and will return for the sequel. Getting Nicholas Cage to come back to reprise his role as pilot Rayford Steele will be a bit more difficult.

“Nicholas Cage does not sign individual contracts,” Heimbecker said. “Our plan would be to discuss [this film] with many people, including Nicholas Cage. He questions whether he’s interested or not and whether we can come to an agreement, obviously.”

The studio plans to bring back as many of the existing cast as possible for “Left Behind 2.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Vincent Funaro

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