Deitrick Haddon Says Finding Out He Was Having a Boy Trumped Being Nominated for a Grammy

Deitrick Haddon Dominique Haddon

The proud papa reveals the name, the due date, and more!

When we last interviewed Deitrick about his kids, he was pining for a boy…and now he’s got one! We spoke to him about the baby’s name, the due date, and why raising a boy is going to be WAY different than raising his two girls, Denver and Destin.

Are you happy that you’ll finally be getting a boy?

First, we have to make sure the baby gets here safely. But, I’m ecstatic. Finally! After two rounds of girls…third time’s a charm! Dominique tricked me at first and said we’d be getting a girl, then when she told me the truth I went crazy in the hospital. That was one of the greatest moments of my life. It trumped being nominated for a Grammy, knowing that I have a boy to carry on my legacy.

When is the baby coming?

The baby is due at the end of August, beginning of September.

What’s the name?

Oh you know it’s gonna be Deitrick Haddon, Jr.! When I’m gone, we need to make sure there’s another Deitrick around here!

What kinds of life lessons do you want to teach Deitrick Haddon, Jr.?

Im not putting the pressure on him to be a singer or TV star. He doesn’t have to do any of those things. I’ll tell him that whatever he does, he has to be great. I’m going to push him to be great by giving him an education and laying down a foundation, and then I’m going to watch him grow.

What if he does want to be a singer or a TV star?

I’ll say “get outta here! Be a doctor or a lawyer! Don’t do what your daddy did!” Okay, if he tells me that he was called to it, that he wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about it, then I’ll surrender and help him get a good head start. But, gospel music is not an easy career choice.

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SOURCE: Oxygen

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