Milwaukee Bucks Unveil New Logo


The Bucks want a fierce new look.

The rebuilding franchise unveiled new logos Monday night that the team will start using after this season.

The image of a forward-facing buck on the current primary logo has been updated with what designers call a “fiercer and more aggressive” look. It’s an older, 12-point buck instead of an eight-pointer.

Green remains the dominant color in the primary logo and secondary logo (which is basketball-based and features a stylized “M”), but red is out. It’s being replaced by cream, a color with roots in the region’s history for a shade of brick found in older Milwaukee buildings.

The Bucks also are introducing a blue accent to a third logo featuring the geographic outline of Wisconsin. Blue is a nod to the importance of the Great Lakes in the region, the team said.

The logos were unveiled during a viewing party at the Bradley Center of the Bucks’ game Monday night at Philadelphia.

“How do we create three logos that not only honor our past but also thrust us into a new era and new future of Bucks basketball,” Alex Lasry, the team’s vice president of strategy and operations, said in recounting the design process.

The design “takes the elements of Milwaukee and Wisconsin that we’re very proud of,” Lasry said.

The fresh look is part of an overhaul that began when new owners took over in April 2014.

SOURCE: The Associated Press

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