Jeb Bush says he Will ‘Never Disparage’ Marco Rubio; the Two Will Remain Friends


A presidential race will not come between them. 

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush vowed Tuesday that he would not criticize his friend, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, though the two men will likely go head to head for the Republican presidential nomination.

“He is my friend, and I care for him a lot,” Bush told reporters after speaking at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce annual meeting in Columbus. “I really admire him a lot.”

Bush went on to say that he’s “not good at playing like I’m something I’m not,” and that he wouldn’t think of going negative against Rubio in a campaign. “I am his friend, and he’s mine, and I’m never going to disparage him,” Bush added.

For his part, Rubio has been equally kind to his prospective rival.

“Jeb is my friend. He is still my friend. He will continue to be,” Rubio told ABC News on Monday. “We’ll continue to be friends. I have tremendous admiration for him. I’m not running against Jeb Bush and I hope he’s not running against me. We are competing for the same job.

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SOURCE: Mark Niquette

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