Fellow Christian Minister, Larry Tomczak, Rebukes Other Christian Ministers Nationwide for Their Silence on the Abomination of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage. Will Homosexual Marriage Bring God’s Judgment on Cowardly Church Leadership?

Larry Tomczak
Larry Tomczak

The blockbuster Disney classic, Cinderella repeats this advice throughout: “Have courage and be kind.” Tragically the overwhelming majority of Christian leaders have not followed this biblical admonition regarding LGBT deceit and now the day of reckoning is at hand.

Kudos to those leaders who have demonstrated courage over the past decade but to those who have fallen short, may this commentary provide challenge and conviction. Homosexuality is labeled as “unnatural,” “indecent,” “impure,” “shameful,” “degrading” and a “perversion” (Rom.1:24-27) by a loving and holy God and if 2-3 percent practice this lifestyle, it is and always will be sinful behavior.

For the record, deception can be humorous, humane or harmful. Guess which one has been given a “full-court press” by gay activists to dupe the masses in America?

Humorous deception is what I engaged in to fool my adult son on April 1. Although he alerted people the night before on Facebook about my pranks that yearly trick him, I still got him! Sending a florist to his home with an attractive package, he thought he was receiving a monetary gift towards his upcoming third adoption. Instead he opened it excitedly to find a wilted flower and the message “Gotcha!” scribbled on the bottom of the box.

A BMW dealership placed an ad in the newspaper offering a free BMW the same day for the first person bringing in their old vehicle. Yeah, right! Everyone dismissed it as a joke except the woman who brought in her 15-year-old station wagon and drove away with the new $50,000 BMW. Her license plate reads “NO FOOL!”

Humane deception is what takes place to save lives especially during wartime or by law enforcement to capture suspects. During World War II Adolf Hitler was tricked into believing that America’s inflatable tanks and weaponry placed strategically were the real thing. Adding sound effects and a unit of over 1000 “Cecil B. DeMille Warriors,” the Führer was fooled royally by the grand illusion. America’s “Ghost Army” diverted his attention from the real invasions and subsequently his evil reign came to an end through this subterfuge.

Then there is harmful deception that can destroy lives and cultures if not caught before it’s too late. This deception suggest telling a lie to gain an end; trickery to dupe or cheat. At the heart of the unbelievable state of affairs in America regarding gay “marriage” and gay rights is demonically—engineered mass deception.

The LGBT activists with their sympathetic politicians, media, sports and business leaders have had a field day because the calculated deception they’ve engaged in hasn’t been countered by the truth of a biblical worldview. Humble church leaders admit, “We really are the primary ones responsible for this state of affairs. God forgive us!” Because of so many leader’s silence for years, we may very well experience the judgment of what was unthinkable a generation ago—gay “marriage” imposed by law on every state in our land.

Remember the principle illustrated in Ezekiel 3:17–21 where God tells the shepherd–leader to be a “watchman” and warn the flock of coming deception and danger. If listeners heed, both they and the leader prosper. If they ignore, they suffer but the leader is exonerated. Finally, if the leader doesn’t warn them, they all suffer and God requires their blood on the leader’s hands. The apostle Paul understood this in telling the Ephesians he “didn’t shrink back from declaring the whole counsel of God and therefore he was innocent of the blood of them all” (Acts 20:26-27).

Indiana—Merely a Foreshadow

What happened recently in Indiana with the uproar surrounding the “Restoration of Religious Freedom Act” should jolt us out of any indifference or illusions about maintaining moral sanity in America. Governor Pence stated, “Nobody should be harassed or mistreated because of whom they love or what they believe in.”

In other words, masses are being led to accept that “every man can do what is right in his own eyes” (Judg. 21:25). No one should judge or “discriminate” if someone “loves” another person or persons. The ultimate goal is not merely legalized gay “marriage” but total sexual freedom including all of the following:

• Homosexuality and gay “marriage”

• Bisexuality

• Transsexuality

• Pederasty (gay relationship between adult and adolescent)

• Promiscuity

• Polygamy

• Polyamory (multiple partners)

• Cohabitation (fornication)

• “Open marriages” (adultery)

• Pornography

Not all of the above are checked off their “to do” list (yet). They are working aggressively and are well-financed and organized to achieve their goals. The above constitutes sexual anarchy. Barring divine intervention through a heaven-sent awakening, this is the slippery slope upon which America finds itself today. The reason Christians are targeted and intimidated is because we represent the last obstacle in their quest for unrestrained sexual licentiousness.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Larry Tomczak

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