3D Robotics Selling $1,000 Smart Drone in Best Buy Stores Smarting in May


3D Robotics Inc., North America’s largest drone manufacturer, is introducing a $1,000 drone for consumers that simplifies flying and using the products.

The Solo, with Linux computers in the controller and new features in the craft itself, goes on sale in late May at Best Buy Co. stores, Chris Anderson, chief executive officer of the Berkeley, California-based company, said in a telephone interview Monday.

Linux features in the controller make flying the device simpler, Anderson said. Solo also has a new autopilot that helps keep it stable in the air, and can carry GoPro high-definition cameras aloft. The product will be popular with hobbyists and have some commercial applications, such as in agriculture and construction, he said.

3D Robotics already sells drones to consumers online. The Iris+ is available at Amazon.com for $750. The Solo will be made in China.

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SOURCE: Bloomberg, James Nash

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