18-Wheeler Slams Into Two Cars on Side of Road in Texas, Killing 5 People and Injuring 12


Veronica Gonzalez had been dancing all night at her engagement party and was going home early Sunday when she spotted a driver who had crashed on Interstate 30. She and her fiancée’s sister stopped — as they had done many times before.

“When they see somebody who needs help, they always pull over and help them,” said Gonzalez’s niece, Sarafina Gonzalez.

The two women were among five killed when an 18-wheeler slammed into stopped cars and people before bursting into flames shortly before 2:30 a.m. Twelve people were injured in the fiery crash, which involved eight to 10 vehicles, authorities said.

Many of those who were killed or injured were good Samaritans trying to assist a driver in the initial crash, Fort Worth police said. Many were outside their vehicles.

Gonzalez’s fiancée was also injured, Sarafina Gonzalez said. She lost a leg and remained unconscious in critical condition Sunday — unaware that her sister and longtime girlfriend were killed. She had been traveling in another car that also stopped.

Two young children who were traveling with Gonzalez were inside the car at the time of the crash. They survived.

Police spokesman Steve Enright said the crashes occurred in the westbound lanes of the 3900 block of East Freeway, just past the Oakland Boulevard exit. In the first crash, a motorist drove into a concrete barrier in the center of the highway, police said.

It’s unclear what caused either crash. Police said they are investigating possible factors.

The freeway was closed for several hours.

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