Will “A. D.” Lead People to the Bible?


“A.D. The Bible Continues” is an amazing epic series that began Resurrection Sunday evening, April 5, and will continue for eleven additional Sundays until June 21, on NBC, the most watched TV network. This is an awesome, grace-filled opportunity. It is a Divine invitation to go deep into the Bible and to benefit from its unique spiritual empowerment and joy in our own lives, and in the lives of the children, youth, and adults whom we can benefit, too.

The one hour of intense Biblical content drew the largest TV audience of Easter Sunday evening, at least doubling the audience of programs even on NBC just before and after “A.D.” It was a good choice for NBC and a great choice for all the 9.5 million “A.D.” viewers. In the Easter Sunday’s installment, the first episode, brilliant executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey dramatized the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Subsequent episodes on Sunday evenings will dramatize the exciting, formative events of the Acts of the Apostles, chapters 1-10.

A trademark of excellence for the programs and films produced by Burnett and Downey is their embrace of “whole events” – without restricting their purview to what secular historians might generally accept, or what a particular theologian might teach. Experientially, they take the wide angle “lens,” recognizing the vibrant realities of the supernatural persons and actions, the human characters and relationships, and the natural world’s Divine revelations, too. To watch an episode of the “A.D.” series attentively is to be personally stretched and spiritually enriched, in many dimensions.

We can choose to embrace this opportunity or watch it pass. Since the “A.D. The Bible Continues” epic series will continue on NBC until June 21, there is still time to organize activities to help multiply its spiritual benefits – for ourselves and also for children, youth and adults we know – or whom we can recruit.

The attraction is certainly multi-generational – for the epic series and even more for the Bible itself. The historic stories of the early months of the life of the Church, in the first 10 chapters of the Acts of the Apostles, are as personally engaging and as spiritually meaningful as any 20 pages in all of literature. These great stories from the Church’s roots can help revitalize individual Christians and the Church now in AD 2015, and going forward. Certainly, these remarkable Scriptural stories will attract new believers, and these unique, historic narratives from the best Book will draw many new people to Jesus and to his Church.

Here is an amazing spiritual parable developing right before our eyes. Many have told the story of the early Church, even using film media. However, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are especially knowledgeable and skilled producers, and they retell the great Biblical stories through film in a more nuanced and engaging way that captivates our attention. In a similar but even far more profound way, the Holy Spirit himself, illuminating the mind and heart of the articulate Dr. Luke, the human author of Acts of the Apostles, communicates linguistically in an especially nuanced and engaging manner, too. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate knowledgeable and skilled “producer” – of both the Bible text and of the personal transformation and enduring joy that we all need and seek.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Paul de Vries

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