Thieves Steal Electronics and Blessing Bags from Presbyterian Church In Decatur, Georgia


This is pretty low. Thieves broke in to the Rehoboth Presbyterian Church in Decatur and stole thousands of electronic equipment. They even took “blessing bags” that were filled with bottled water, snacks and Kleenex. The bags were made by children for older members of the congregation. “Our guests helped themselves to some of the items in the Blessing Bags, because it’s hard work stealing other people’s belongings and they needed a snack'” says Rev. Rachel Whaley Pate.

At some point the thieves must have gotten spooked. Rev. Whaley Pate says they left behind several musical instruments that they had lined up near the door. “They were in such a hurry to get out, they left behind their hand tuck and some tools,” says Rev. Whaley Pate.

The bright spot is the community is rallying to help out. The Lindmoore Woods Civic Association is collecting money to help the church replace the items and add security. Janel Green says “The church is the center of our community. Our community was really saddened because this is our place. This is where we come. This is where we gather and people felt violated after this.”

You can find out more about the church and how to help here,

Denise Dillon

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