Davion Only, Who’s Adoption Plea Went Viral Last Year, to Be Adopted by Case Worker

Davion Only

In October of 2013, 16-year-old Davion Only made headline news when he videotaped himself begging for a loving home during a church service in St. Petersburg, Florida. After being born to a mother in jail, he lived with numerous strangers throughout his life in the foster care system.

But on April 22, he will finally have a permanent home. His case worker, Connie Bell Going, who has known Only since he was 7, will officially adopt him, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

Only never gave up. In front of the congregation that October, he said, “My name is Davion and I’ve been in foster care since I was born. I know God hasn’t given up on me. So I’m not giving up either.”

After that speech, 10,000 people responded, asking to adopt him.

He flew to Ohio and lived with a minister, but just months later, was back in the Florida system after getting into a physical fight with the man and another child.

But last July, according to the newspaper, after he had been in four different homes and four schools in a year, he called Going and said to her,” Hey … Miss Connie … it’s me,” he stammered softly. “Do you remember what I asked you before? Well …”

He asked her how she felt about adopting him.

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SOURCE: People
Caitlin Keating

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