Report Finds Many Americans Want Politicians to Spend More Time Reading the Bible; King James Version Still Rules

beautiful Bible

Many Americans wish that politicians would spent less time arguing and more time reading the Good Book.

About half (52 percent) say politics would be more civil if politicians read the Bible more. Six in ten (58 percent) think more Bible reading would lead to more effective politics.

Those are among the findings of the latest State of the Bible report from the American Bible Society.

Among other findings, three out of five Americans consistently wish they read the Bible more, according to a new report from the American Bible Society (ABS). Since 2012, roughly 60 percent of American adults wish that same thing every year.

But only about a quarter (22 percent) say their Bible reading increased during the past year.

Overall, about one in seven (14 percent) say they read the Bible daily. Another one in seven (14 percent) read weekly. About half (48 percent) read the Bible once or twice a month or less.

The average Bible reader sits down for about 30 minutes for each reading, and that number doesn’t vary by the age of the reader.

Those who read the Bible say they feel peaceful (45 percent), encouraged (41 percent), and hopeful (35 percent), according to a phone survey of 1,012 Americans and an online survey of 1,024 Americans conducted by the Barna Research Group.

King James still rules

Among those who read the Bible, the King James Version is by far their favorite.

Nearly four in 10 (39 percent) chose the King James, followed by the New International Version (13 percent) and the New King James Version (10 percent.)

About one in 10 (8 percent) prefer the English Standard version, including a surprising 15 percent of Millennials.)

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

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