Pastor’s Daughter Killed After Arson Attack on Nigerian Church


A pastor’s daughter has been killed in an arson attack on a church and manse in Kano state in north-western Nigeria.

The Baptist Church at the village of Gidan Maso was attacked by arsonists whose aim was to murder a young man who converted back to Christianity after embracing Islam.

The pastor, Rev Habila Garba, lost his daughter to suffocation when the two young men set fire to his home as well as to the church.

Retired General Ishaku Ahmed Dikko, president of Tarayyar Masihiyawan Nijeria, an organisation that represents Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri Christians, told journalists on Tuesday in Abuja that the arsonists were targeting the convert Yahaya Joshua.

In a statement, General Dikko said: “The Church and all the properties were burnt down in the presence of the Christian community despite all pleadings for them to stop the destruction. The arsonists gathered cornstalks and put inside the church in order to cause greater damage.”

He said the arson was deliberate and premeditated.

“The Christians present exhibited great Christian qualities by not taking the law into their hands by trying to stop them by force,” he added.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Ruth Gledhill

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