Pastor Judah Smith on “Life Is _____”

judah smith life is ____


Judah Smith has been active in ministry for over 17 years. He began as the youth pastor at City Church in Seattle Washington, where his parents were the head pastors. In 2009, his father passed away from cancer, and Judah took over leadership of the church along with his wife Chelsea. Since then, the church has grown to more than 7,000 in attendance across several campuses. More than 50,000 people listen to Judah’s sermons online each month. Judah has almost 300,000 followers on Twitter, and he is known for his influence on his famous friends, like Justin Beiber, NFL player Russell Wilson, and pro golfer Bubba Watson.

He has known he would preach since he was nine years old. In an interview with Premier Christianity Magazine, he said, “At nine years old, I had a real sense of God telling me that I was going to preach, then at 16 I had a real supernatural encounter with God. At the risk of sounding incredibly spiritual, I saw things in a dream state, visions, some of which have come to pass in my life. We had a pastor friend of ours praying for me. All I remember is that I woke up, probably 45 minutes later, and knew that I had seen scenes in my mind. It was me preaching and leading and teaching. At the time I just wanted to be a basketball player. That didn’t pan out, but I guess the preaching is what God wanted me to do.”

LIFE IS_______.

Throughout the pages, of his new book, Life is_____., Judah urges readers to discover God’s “illogical” love; a love so great, it defies human logic. He aimed to write the book in an accessible style that resonates with the average person. He said, “ When I preach and write, I try to retell biblical stories in a modern language. It’s not a new translation’ it’s a paraphrase. It is my attempt to put myself in the shoes-well sandals-of the original audience.

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