More People Dread Talking About Sex and Money Than Politics or Religion


We’ve all been told not to discuss religion or politics in polite company. But a new NerdWallet survey finds that money and sex are actually the touchiest topics to discuss.

NerdWallet asked nearly 1,200 Americans in four cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York) various questions about their credit card debt and how comfortable they are discussing money, sex, religion and politics.

The survey revealed that 26% of respondents ranked money as the topic they’re least comfortable talking about with friends and family. That’s more than those who answered religion (25%) or politics (18%).

Only sex topped finances on the awkwardness scale. A full 31% called sex the most taboo topic.

In San Francisco, money trumped all other topics in terms of being off-limits to discuss: 31% of San Franciscans called it the most taboo topic, followed by religion (26%), politics (23%) and sex (22%).

Chicago respondents were the least concerned about flaunting their finances. Only 15% listed money as the most off-limits topic, compared to sex (36%), religion (29%) and politics (20%).

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SOURCE: NerdWallet

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