Family of Schizophrenic 25-Year-Old Miami Man Killed by Police Releases Dash-Cam Video

Lavall Hall  NBC 6
Lavall Hall

Lawyers for the family of a Miami Gardens, Fla., man who was fatally shot by local police released a dash-cam video on Wednesday showing the young man’s final moments of life, CBS Miami reports.

Family attorney Glen Goldberg said that Lavall Hall’s family was “outraged” after seeing the video and said that it proved that the use of force was not necessary. “When you see this video, you will realize that this was not a justifiable shooting,” Goldberg said.

According to the report, Hall’s mother, Catherine Daniels, contacted authorities in the early morning of Feb. 15 after the 25-year-old, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, had a psychotic episode. Daniels, according to CBS Miami, was hoping that the police would take her son to a mental-health facility.

The released footage, which runs about 19 minutes, appears to show Hall trying to get away from officers trying to approach him. He is seen briefly running out of the camera frame.

Shortly afterward, one of the responding officers is heard shouting, “Get on the ground or else you’re dead,” and then shots are fired.

The authorities claim that Hall, who was carrying a broom handle, became aggressive, forcing the officers to fire after a Taser did not work.

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