Beyonce and Jay Z Interrupt Vacation to Give 9-Year-Old Singing Advice


It was carpe diem for a 9-year-old girl in Hawaii recently, when Beyonce and Jay Z walked into the same dining spot where she and her father were enjoying a meal.

James and Brielle Brennan were at the Beach Tree Bar & Lounge in Kona enjoying their family vacation when in walked the celebrity couple.

“I didn’t notice them at first,” he told ABC News. “My buddy did.”

Brennan, co-founder of Suja Juice, one of the largest organic, cold-pressured juice companies in the country, wanted to give the A-listers space and let them enjoy their Easter break.

But Brielle had other plans. She grabbed her little friend and walked over to ask Bey a question.

“At first, she had a little hyperventilation,” he said of his daughter’s excitement. “But then she walked over and told her she was singing solo in a talent show next week.”

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Source: EURWeb

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