Too Much Time on Facebook Can Cause Depression

From photos of that incredibly fit friend to new baby announcements and vacation gloaties, Facebook can sometimes be a source of anxiety and envy.

Now, a new study reveals using the social media site could lead to symptoms of depression.

University of Houston researchers found that Facebook users felt depressed when comparing themselves to others on the site.

The lead researcher notes that too much time using Facebook and comparing oneself to others can be linked to depressive symptoms.

“One danger is that Facebook often gives us information about our friends that we are not normally privy to, which gives us even more opportunities to socially compare,” lead researcher Mai-Ly Steers said on the school’s website. “You can’t really control the impulse to compare because you never know what your friends are going to post.”

Researchers also note, though, that the findings do not indicate that Facebook causes depression.

The article is published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.


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