Iowa Pastor Accused of Making Death Threats Towards His Grandson from Pulpit

Bishop Jeremiah Reed

A video showing a local pastor allegedly making threats towards someone, is making its rounds on the internet.

During a church conference last week, Bishop Jeremiah Reed, appeared to make a death threat. Sources tell Channel 13 Reed geared his threat towards his grandson. Reed officiates at the Des Moines Apostolic Temple.

In a video excerpt, Reed told the congregation he had received phone calls from someone trying to ‘mess with him’.

“There is nobody that big in the world that cannot be hunted down. I got folk that will hunt you, put you in a cornfield or drop you in the river and put a weight on you or cut your tongue out and leave it on your chest. Those are the kinds of connections I have,” said Reed.

The Bishop goes on to say, “I want them to know I’m not a playboy.”

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Jodi Whitworth

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