Statement from Rev. Al Sharpton on the Passing of Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

Al Sharpton


Reverend Al Sharpton, President

Sunday, April 5, 2015


“The passing of Dr. Gardner C. Taylor today is truly a great loss but does not dim his unparalleled contributions to the world of religion and this nation. Dr. Taylor stood in a class by himself as a preacher par excellence, an orator without peer, a theologian without competition, and rightfully known as the prince of preachers. I have known him since I was a lad when he lived across the street from my pastor, Bishop F.D. Washington on President St. in Brooklyn. He was also a close friend of Rev. Dr. William A. Jones, the man who re-baptized me a Baptist, mentored, and pastored me in my civil rights ministry; so I have known and have been blessed to be around Dr. Taylor literally all of my life. His regal bearing held a most fertile mind and silver tongue that earned the adulations of thousands of preachers and millions of people all over the world. National Action Network will always be honored that he allowed us to honor him at our national convention one year; and I will always cherish the time that he so generously shared with me through his counsel and advice. It seems fitting and appropriate that after a long journey of almost 100 years, that Dr. Taylor would go see the Lord on Resurrection Sunday.”

-Reverend Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network

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