Rand Paul Expected to Announce 2016 Candidacy on Tuesday

Sen., Rand Paul, R-Ky. speaks in Manchester, N.H. (AP)
Sen., Rand Paul, R-Ky. speaks in Manchester, N.H. (AP)

Still glum over the previous night’s Final Four loss by the heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats, Sen. Rand Paul and fellow parishioners were given some Biblical perspective Sunday morning.

“If it weren’t for Jesus, we’d all be one and done,” a churchgoer at the Broadway United Methodist Church explained to nods of agreement at the start of Easter service.

When the service ended, Paul left the sanctuary, posed for one picture and shook a few hands while the other congregants quickly passed by without so much as a double take of the man in the nicely pressed suit. They were seemingly unaware that Paul, who had just worshipped with them, would in 48 hours announce his presidential ambitions in a nationally televised speech.

The Tuesday speech — perhaps the most important of his political career — didn’t seem foremost on Paul’s mind, either. Instead, it was getting behind the wheel of his American-made SUV and waiting for his wife Kelley and youngest son to emerge from the church tucked away inside an unassuming neighborhood.

The low-key family church outing (involving no aides, security or other hangers-on) is fully in line with the man Paul’s Bowling Green friends describe.

“He’s not the guy who makes a point of standing out in a crowd,” Brian Strow explained.

In interviews with Fox News, Strow, an economics professor at Western Kentucky University, and other Paul friends talked about the man they’ve known for the past couple decades as simply “Rand” or “Dr. Paul” — before he became the firebrand lawmaker known for his libertarian streak and, more recently, lofty ambitions.

“He was a good guy before he became senator,” Rob Porter noted.

The Republican senator’s arrival to Bowling Green, a place where people still wave to out-of-towners who pass by, has been fairly well documented. Growing up, Paul followed his parents from Pennsylvania to Texas before getting his medical degree in North Carolina with some time in Georgia, too. It was there that Paul met Kelley, but it’s here in south-central Kentucky they’ve raised their three children.

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SOURCE: Lee Ross
Fox News

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