Help Your Child Look to the Cross This Easter

Easter Sunday Girl

Help your child experience the hope and promise of the cross more fully. Make time to focus on some special Scripture passages about what happened in the days before Jesus’ crucifixion. Read the passages, then use the object noted and the devotional thoughts and activities to help make the stories come alive for your child.

The Woman’s Precious Gift

Matthew 26:6-13

LOOK: Rub a little essential oil, such as frankincense or myrrh, on your child’s arm and look at some pretty perfume bottles. Explain that the perfumes people used in that time were very strong and fragrant and that the woman’s gift was very expensive.

THINK: Instead of being amazed by the generous gift the woman brought, the people at the dinner criticized her. Jesus understood her heart. He saw that she wanted to give Him an extravagant expression of her love and gratitude. He accepted her gift and encouraged her. People are still in the habit of criticizing one another. If you decide to live your life for Jesus, sometimes people will tell you that you are wasting your time and money. But Jesus will always understand your heart.

DO: Do something this week to express love to a neighbor, elderly or faraway friend, or missionary.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Kristen White/ParentLife

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