Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” Collaborates With Openly Homosexual Production Director for “Duck Commander Musical”

(PHOTO: COURTESY OF KIRVIN DOAK COMMUNICATIONS) Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" poses with "The Duck Commander Musical" star Ben Thompson.
Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” poses with “The Duck Commander Musical” star Ben Thompson.

Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” is proving that love conquers all by teaming up with openly gay production director Jeff Calhoun on the forthcoming “Duck Commander Musical.”

The musical, which opens in Las Vegas on April 15, is centered on Willie and his wife Korie Robertson who rose to fame through the family business, Duck Commander, and the subsequent A&E reality television series, “Duck Dynasty.” Despite family patriarch Phil Robertson’s anti-gay remarks of the past, Willie told The Christian Post that he had no reservations about working with the openly gay director on “The Duck Commander Musical.”

“I guess knowing that going into the Broadway theater group with guys like Jeff – he’s been nominated for a Tony – I kind of assumed we would be working with people who were gay, and we didn’t have a problem with that,” he explained.

In fact, Robertson and Calhoun’s collaboration proves that two people with differing lifestyles and ideals can still find common ground.

“Jeff and I discussed it, and we kinda wanted to show that people could work together and not just avoid each other, talk about each other, and throw rocks at each other,” the reality star added. “We said, ‘Let’s work together and come up with something.’ We have a great story, and I thought it was brave of him to take a kind of project like this. I never had one hesitancy whatsoever and it’s been a great relationship.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Emma Koonse

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