Who Are the Top 100 Greatest NBA Players of All Time?


Has Shaquille O’Neal or Kobe Bryant enjoyed the better career? Would you take Chauncey Billups, Vince Carter or Pau Gasol, since all three dominated during the 2000s but played different positions?

Is LeBron James already a top-10 player in NBA history?

Those are three of the many questions we’ll answer while looking at the Association’s top 100 players of all time.

This is about more than those few standouts who still suit up in the Association, though studs like Bryant, James and Tim Duncan will certainly be included. We’re interested in how all the legends of the five positions compare to one another.

We’re not just concerned with the best peaks. It’s not about the longest careers. Instead, we’re interested in the strength of an entire career that is evaluated largely by using numbers. But the prominence of metrics and advanced statistics doesn’t mean context can be thrown out the window either.

Everything matters.

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