WATCH: Rev. Samuel Mosteller, President of the Georgia Chapter of the SCLC, says Blacks Should Be Aware of Their Second Amendment Rights When Dealing with Police


Rev. Samuel Mosteller, the President of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization based on non-violence, says it’s time for African-Americans to change how they deal with police.

“I am going to advocate at this point that all African-Americans advocate their Second Amendment rights,” Mosteller said.

Mosteller said the fatal police shooting of Anthony Hill in DeKalb County and Nick Thomas in Cobb County, both of whom were unarmed, is a wake up call. Despite his statement about the Second Amendment, Mosteller said he’s not encouraging African-Americans to arm themselves.

“I said the Second Amendment right. I didn’t say pack weapons,” Mosteller said.

The GBI is investigating two fatal officer-involved shootings in DeKalb County, including Hill’s. Cobb County police are investigating Thomas’ shooting.

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Source: WTVM |  Bernard Watson, GA News Weather

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