Roland Martin on Comedians Becoming an Endangered Species


by Roland Martin

A firestorm over a handful of old tweets has got new Daily Show host Trevor Noah in hot water. Why can’t we all grow up and just let comedians be comedians again?

America, I’m sick of you.

I’m sick and tired of your scared, whiny, bul****t fake rage and your pompous-ass attitude.

I’m sick of weakness. I’m sick of wimps. I’m sick and tired of your soft, weak-kneed, oh-I’m-so-offended response to anything that happens today that is quickly turned into an outrage on social media and followed up by the media as if it’s the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Even my man Jesus will say, “Y’all really need to chill. Drink some of this water I turned into wine and stop whining!”

Not even 24 hours after Trevor Noah was tapped on the shoulder by Comedy Central execs to replace the legendary Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show, the whiners-in-chief were out in full force, demanding he apologize and show contrition for some five-year-old tweets. Seriously. The dude sent some tweets out when he was 26, and he’s being raked over the coals like he plagiarized a Pulitzer Prize-winning series (Janet Cooke) or lied about being there when an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald killed himself (Bill O’Reilly).

Trevor Noah should be basking in the afterglow of getting one of the best jobs on television. Instead, he’s likely cooped up with publicists, lawyers, and others trying to deal with the social media storm over several tweets. Yeah, really.

Trevor Noah was offensive! Trevor Noah was insensitive! Trevor Noah talked about fat women! Trevor Noah talked about Jewish people!

Hmmm. Offensive. Insensitive. Blasting folks over their weight and their ethnicity. Gotcha. Sounds like Trevor Noah did what comedians do EVERY DAY!

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast

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