4 Bodies Found in Oklahoma House in Suspected Murder-Suicide


Two young boys were among four bodies found in a Tulsa, Okla. home Wednesday in what police suspect was a murder-suicide.

Sgt. Dave Walker told the Tulsa World that all four died from gunshot wounds and that police were not seeking a suspect. Capt. Matt McCord said that “based on the physical evidence inside the house,” officers believe an adult male killed a woman and two boys before turning the gun on himself.

Officers found a handgun near the man’s body, McCord said.

Police say the bodies may have been in the house for at least two days, based on when the four were last seen an examination of phone records. Investigators said the two boys were young than 10.

Vinicio Perez said he walks his dog, Coco, down the same street in the Stone Creek Farms development. Perez said he would sometimes see two children playing and bouncing around in the front yard of the home where the bodies were found.

“I’m shocked,” Perez told The Associated Press. “This place should be a place surrounded by security.”

Most every property in the neighborhood has a large fence, so kids can play or swim in privacy, though some play hoops in the driveway or at a cul-de-sac.

“I love this neighborhood. It’s very quiet here,” Perez’s wife, Mercedes, said.

SOURCE: Fox News, The Associated Press

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