Sony Launches Spotify on PlayStation

PlayStation Music, powered by Spotify (PHOTO CREDIT: Spotify)
PlayStation Music, powered by Spotify (PHOTO CREDIT: Spotify)

Sometimes, it’s better to leave things to the experts.

That’s what Sony learned in trying to build its own streaming-music service: After four difficult years, the company announced in January it would shutter its Music Unlimited app, and instead partner with the popular Spotify. That new Spotify-powered PlayStation Music service launches Monday in 41 countries.

The app, which is available for PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, is designed to work with gamers: Users can stream Spotify tracks in the background as they play video games, and among other features they can use a mobile device to control the music via the regular Spotify app without interrupting the game.

“It’s a much better product. We aren’t afraid to say that,” Eric Lempel, Sony’s global head of marketing, told NBC News at a meeting and product demonstration in New York City last week.

“It was really a no-brainer,” Lempel added. “We’re in 41 countries on day one, and Music Unlimited was in 19 [after four years].”

Sony has been working to expand the PlayStation’s reputation not only as a video-game console but as a media hub. The company launched its Playstation Vue online-TV service earlier this month in three cities, and Lempel reiterated twice during the briefing that the the console is the No. 1 device used to stream Netflix.

Music is a necessary feature for any would-be media center, and Lempel said it was important that PlayStation have “a best-in-class experience” this time around. So Sony, which had announced in January that it would partner with Spotify for PlayStation Music, handed over much more control to Spotify than it typically would.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Julianne Pepitone

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