Mom Says She Found Man Lying Naked With 10-Year-Old Son

Ernest R. Johnson, 25 (Photo: WTSP)
Ernest R. Johnson, 25
(Photo: WTSP)

It was a living nightmare for a Tampa mom this morning when she found a naked, grown man in bed with her 10-year-old son.

It happened around 4:30 Sunday morning in the area of 22nd Ave and E. Rampart. The mother says the house was locked and the suspect, 25-year-old Ernest Johnson, still got in.

“I wake up and check my kid in his room – saw him in the bed all naked and started screaming,” the victim’s mom told 10 News. We are not naming her as police have decided not to release the family’s name. She showed us how Johnson allegedly broke into her home while her family slept.

“He went through the door probably,” she says. The front door was locked but the home does not have an alarm. Police say Johnson had burglary tools. “He tried to open it – broke the window to try to go in – couldn’t do it.” But after the victim’s mom caught the man and called 911 he made a quick exit through a window. Police were able to take fingerprints from that window.

10 News went to the house where Johnson was living – not far from the victim’s home. The family that owns Johnson’s home says these charges don’t surprise them.

“We knew he had a problem. I am angry, mad shocked that he would do something like this but really not surprised. A similar situation happened with my nephew – caught in a compromising situation but we just tried to help him. We gave him a place to live, no one else would,” said Harold Mack.

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Sarah Hagen

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