Bisexual NFL Player says he Is Offended by Homosexual Michael Sam’s Comments

© Robert Beck/Getty Images Michael Sam's recent comments have reportedly ruffled some feathers in the NFL.
© Robert Beck/Getty Images
Michael Sam’s recent comments have reportedly ruffled some feathers in the NFL.

An unidentified bisexual NFL player has reportedly spoken with TMZ Sports, stating that comments made by Michael Sam that were directed at other gay NFL players were offensive to him.

Sam indicated last week that he was not the only gay player in the NFL.

The player, who did not wish to be identified by name, and has played for several seasons, then responded with his view on the topic:

As a bisexual man, I just feel like Michael Sam does not speak for all gay men. He has his own opinion … but DON’T say that we don’t have the courage to come out. It’s totally wrong. Just speak for yourself. No one else.

It’s no one’s business what my sexuality is. You should like me for me … not for who I choose to be with. I feel the NFL isn’t ready for people to be open about it. Or the General Managers for that matter.

Regardless of this player’s personal opinion of Sam, he indicated that he thought Sam received a fair chance to play in the NFL:

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Source: Sportsnaut | Yardbarker

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