Who Will Get Mariota?

Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota

Teams looking for a quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft have limited options to choose from this year. There are plenty of developmental options, intriguing players who need time to pick up the pro game, but with so many teams in dire need of a franchise player at the position, all eyes are on Jameis Winston of Florida State and Marcus Mariota of Oregon.

Both are regarded as players who can come into the league and start as rookies. Both have their share of things to work on as they adjust to the NFL. Starting 16 games as a rookie might not be ideal, but Mariota and Winston have the kind of high ceiling that has teams scheming and dreaming about how they can find a way to land them with a top pick in the draft.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, owners of the first pick, appear to be locked in on Winston. Leaving Mariota up for grabs for the other quarterback-needy teams who think they have even the slightest possibility to draft him.

But who is going to wind up with Mariota? Does selecting him make sense? Let’s take a look at the teams linked to him thus far and whether or not he’s feasible or realistic.

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SOURCE:  James Brady and Ryan Van Bibber 
SB Nation

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