Kickstarter Campaign for Pebble Time Smartwatch Ends With $20.3 Million Raised


Pebble’s second go at crowdfunding has come to an end with $20 million raised on Kickstarter for its upcoming Pebble Time smartwatch.

The campaign’s initial goal was $500,000. Pebble raised more than 40 times that amount.

When it launched on Kickstarter last month, the campaign surpassed $1 million in preorders in just 34 minutes. At the time, Kickstarter claimed that “Pebble is the fastest project to ever raise $1 million on Kickstarter.”

In 48 hours, the Pebble Time project surpassed the total amount raised by the original Pebble on Kickstarter ($10,266,845). By March 3, Pebble broke the all-time Kickstarter record set by the Coolest Cooler project (that one raised $13,285,226).

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SOURCE: Venture Beat, Harrison Weber and Fletcher Babb

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