Man Killed in Car Accident After Grabbing Steering Wheel While Arguing with Wife in Car


A man was killed Friday after grabbing the steering wheel of a car his wife was driving as they argued, police said.

The Ford Explorer rolled over just around 1:45 a.m. CT on Interstate 69 here, and the man, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected. He was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition and later died, according to the Houston Police Department.

The names of the couple, who had moved recently to Houston, were not released.

The woman, who was wearing her seat belt, told officers that she and her husband were having a heated argument.

“The female didn’t have any injuries,” Sgt. J.D. Rossman said. “She was evaluated by a DWI officer and found not to be intoxicated.”

Her husband grabbed the wheel from the passenger seat and jerked it, she said to investigators. The vehicle swerved. She lost control. It climbed over the median into oncoming traffic and rolled over, landing on an adjacent access road.

She was trapped inside until rescuers were able to extricate her and was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

No charges are expected to be filed, Rossman said.

SOURCE: Jacqueline Crea
KHOU-TV, Houston

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