George Zimmerman says he Has No Remorse Over Trayvon Martin’s Murder because It Was God’s Plan for him to Die


If the moral arc of the universe really did bend toward justice, I would be reporting on George Zimmerman’s incarceration for one of the numerous crimes he’s committed since he gunned down unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on that rainy night in Sanford, Fla.

Instead he’s in the news for a disturbing interview in which he once again exposes his delusion and depravity. Zimmerman claims that he was afraid to “speak his mind” during his 2012 interview with Sean Hannity because he feared retaliation from President Barack Hussein Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and, apparently, the entire federal government. Now, though, he wants the world to know about the many injustices he faced after profiling, following and killing Trayvon before the federal government apparently came to its senses.

The killer spends approximately 13 minutes massaging his own ego, including, but not limited to, accusing the Hispanic Congressional Caucus of abandonment and President Obama of race-baiting, “dereliction of duty” and breaking the law:

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Source: The Root | 

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