Ted Cruz Becomes An ObamaCare Customer

Getty Images
Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is about to join the millions of happy ObamaCare customers, he announced today on CNN. At the moment this breaking news was flashed across the TV screen, I was on the phone with a liberal friend. I turned up the volume on the television for both of us to hear, and she shrieked with joyous laughter!

For liberals, this is not surprising, but it is too good to be true, isn’t it?

Cruz has the option of going to private markets and buying policies outside the federal exchanges. My guess is that Cruz prefers the lower premiums he can get through ObamaCare, or perhaps he prefers the higher quality of choices. Perhaps Cruz will take the customer satisfaction survey after he signs up, to tell the American people how happy he is with his ObamaCare policy.

Isn’t it time for some enterprising journalist to list every Republican member of the House and Senate who buys ObamaCare policies? After the breaking news about Cruz, this will now happen, and liberals can’t wait for the results!

SOURCE: The Hill – Brent Budowsky

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