Why Was Ole Miss Chancellor, Dan Jones, Fired?

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

The governing board of the Institute for Higher Learning will not renew Ole Miss chancellor Dan Jones’ contract, Jones said Friday.

During six years at the helm of Ole Miss, Jones led the university to record numbers in enrollment and fundraising.

“I am not completely sure I understand what has happened,” Jones said. “I am passionate about doing what’s best for the University of Mississippi.”

He said his passion may have caused strife with some, but he doesn’t believe anything he’s done has broken anyone’s trust or faith in him to lead the university.

Jim Borsig, commissioner of higher education, issued a written statement Saturday:

“The concerns centered on financial issues at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The Board had discussed these and related concerns with Dr. Jones over a lengthy period of time and these matters were not corrected to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees,” Borsig wrote.

Jones said the debate centered on contracts management and computer software to manage purchases, two things he admitted could have been implemented better.

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SOURCE: Scott Simmons

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