Mo’Nique Wants Public Chat with Lee Daniels


Going to bat for equal rights and her upcoming film “Blackbird,” Mo’Nique has joined the “NOH8” campaign.

The Oscar winner and her husband-manager Sidney Hicks are among the latest celebrities to tape their mouths shut to pose for pictures promoting campaign, which is rooted in marriage, gender and human equality.

The couple released a joint statement to Huff Post regarding the motivation behind standing with the “NOH8” campaign, saying, “Let us as a world, allow others to be what they had no choice in being. We’re a part of the NOH8 campaign because when you say NO to H8, what you’re really saying is YES to Love.”

Mo’Nique’s involvement in the campaign comes amid the upcoming release of her film “Blackbird.” The film, which arrives in theaters April 24 and finds Mo’Nique serving as producer and star, centers around a young singer (Julian Walker) coming to terms with his sexuality in a small Southern Baptist community.

The release of “Blackbird” isn’t the only thing on Mo’Nique’s mind. According to Hello Beautiful, her situation with Lee Daniels still maintains a presence with her.

So much so that Mo’Nique is voicing a desire to sit down with Daniels for a public discussion regarding their issue. The request is the latest development since Mo’Nique claims Daniels told her she  was “blackballed” in Hollywood after winning the Oscar for best supporting actress for her work in “Precious.”

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Source: EURWeb

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