Larry Tomczak Writes to Ellen Degeneres, Bruce Jenner, and Ben Carson

Larry Tomczak
Larry Tomczak

Chances are the above three individuals will all read this commentary are probably slim to none. Possibly Dr. Ben Carson, soon to be Republican presidential candidate, might get a hold of this article. Let’s take our chances and give it a shot.

First, let’s address Ellen DeGeneres in a kind and yet forthright way. The reader may recall that over a month ago she directly spoke to me on her national talk show. Taking issue with a commentary I wrote dealing with the avalanche of gay propaganda on TV, she specifically said “I don’t have an agenda! The only thing I’m trying to influence people to do is to be more kind and compassionate to one another.”

I recorded an open video response to Ellen and broadcast it for tens of thousands to see. Ellen watched it probably 100 times and subsequently repented and yielded her life to Jesus Christ and is now enrolled in a Bible school. (Just kidding! Gotcha’ with a little comic relief and an early April Fool’s joke)

In the video I challenged her claim that she has no agenda except what she said and backed it up with a ton of evidence.

Now this gifted comedian is producing a new comedy show entitled, “One Big Happy” debuting on NBC. In the promotional ad Ellen appears at the beginning inviting us to watch her new show saying, “You’ll love it. There’s a lesbian in it!”

The program is the brainchild of Liz Feldman who is the creator and Ellen’s partner in production. Liz is a lesbian who is “married” to another lesbian.

The new comedy features Lizzy, a lesbian—”Big time!” as she screams in the opening scene of the program. She proceeds to remind us of her lesbianism numerous times. She’s also fornicating with a handsome guy because she has maternal instincts, namely she wants to have a child. Of course she gets pregnant but then Luke needs to dump her because he has instantly fallen for a hot babe he wants to marry. He’s a man of real character. He also feels obligated to the lesbian so why not have them all come together and be “One Big Happy” whatever.

By the way, the NBC ad says the show is “about the meaning of family.” Beautiful! “Hey Mabel, can you make some popcorn and let’s get the kids together to watch Ellen DeGeneres’ new show so we can all learn about lesbians and family life?”

Here’s the deal: What I previously said to dear Ellen bears repeating. Let’s get real and stop pretending that you have no agenda to push regarding LGBTQ themes. Can you simply be honest?

Secondly, let’s wave a flag and try to capture the attention of former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner. In 1976 he won the Gold medal for Decathalon in the Montreal Olympics and truly was one of my early heroes. Appearing on the cover of Wheaties and later on TV, he influenced the lives of millions who looked up to him as an American role model.

When a person has worldly success without a demonstrable and true relationship with Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior, inevitable confusion and unhappiness results. Without the divine guidance of Scripture as a compass for one’s life, misery, heartache and broken relationships usually result.

I’ve watched Bruce go through a divorce with Chrystie then a divorce with actress Linda Thompson then a divorce with Kris (previously Kardashian). His brother was killed in a tragic car accident. He battles dyslexia. According to friends he also is suffering unrelenting remorse for a recent accident he caused resulting in the tragic death of a 69-year-old former neighbor.

Juggling fatherhood with six children and then step-fatherhood to the “notice us on the tabloid and pop-culture magazine covers each week for 876 years Kardashians,” is enough to drive any man not vitally linked to Jesus down bizarre paths. My heart truly aches for Bruce and his family and I ask everyone to keep them in your prayers. No matter how glamorous Holywood presents transgenderism, the attempted suicide rate is now 41 percent compared with 4.6 percent for the overall population (2014 study of over 6,000 transgenders).

Yes, this is what has happened to our dearly beloved icon, Bruce Jenner. This sad man in a desperate fog now allegedly believes he is a woman! Undergoing months of sex change procedures and preparing for a Diane Sawyer national interview and later docuseries on his odyssey, Bruce will now present himself to the world as a lady (although he’s admitting currently he hasn’t removed any male genitalia … yet).

Hollywood is aggressively pushing the transgender theme (CBS just introduced network TV’s first regular transgender character on the soap opera “Bold and Beautiful.” Maya now turns out to be a man!) Bruce is falling in line.

Another appeal: Bruce, you’ve been through a lot over the decades, but God did not make you a woman! “God created them male and female,” teaches the holy Bible, and you were not made to attire yourself like Lady Gaga in high heels with make-up and feminine hair. I’ll be charitably forthright, please stop this unnatural behavior and get help from a compassionate, competent and authentic Christian pastor to steer you back into your manhood.

Many of us are praying for you.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Larry Tomczak

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