New Book on Martin Luther Focuses on the ‘Simple Things’ of Christian Life


The author of a new book on Martin Luther says the book focuses on a part of the 16th-century reformer that has been neglected in previous writings.

Luther is known for protesting corruption in the Catholic Church nearly 500 years ago with his Ninety-Five Theses. But Dr. Carl R. Trueman, a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, points out that much of Luther’s week was built around regular, ordinary pastoral duties. That’s the focal point of his new book Luther on the Christian Life: Cross and Freedom.

“Church was to be a place of what I would call the ordinary means of grace, those simple things: the Word proclaimed, the Lord’s Supper taken together, communal singing,” he tells OneNewsNow. “These are the simple things that for Luther lay at the hearts of what it meant to be a Church and what it meant to be a Christian.”

Trueman says if Luther were here today he would encourage the church to go back to the basics of Christianity.

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Bill Bumpas

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