CGI, Special Effects in “Beyond the Mask” Breaks Ground for Christian Films


Faith-based movies have made amazing strides in recent years with a string of well-produced films: dramas that had moviegoers crying, a comedy that received plenty of laughs, and even a few thrillers that left people on the edge of their seats.

But an enjoyable family action adventure full of believable computer generated effects? That category has remained empty — until now.

“Beyond The Mask,” a swashbuckling film set in the midst of the Revolutionary War, is set for release April 6. The Gathr films movie follows a villain-turned-hero who tries everything to “fix” his past identity, only to fail each time. It isn’t until he finds Christ that he discovers joy and his true identity.

The movie breaks new ground in the faith-based category — not only in genre — but in its large number of impressive CG effects, which rival anything out of Hollywood. The storyline is fast-paced, the acting solid, and the 1776-era characters will entertain anyone who enjoys colonial history. (Yes, George Washington and Ben Franklin make an appearance.) It’s a fun and gripping family friendly movie that children and teens will enjoy.

“There’s been a series of good, theologically solid faith films,” said director Chad Burns, referencing previous films like “Fireproof,” “Courageous” and “Mom’s Night Out.”

“We really want to be carrying that legacy forward” by producing a “doctrinally sound” movie in a different genre,” he said.

“What we’re innovating is the scope,” Burns told Christian Examiner.

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SOURCE: Michael Foust 
Christian Examiner

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