3 Questions Regarding What Your Sermon Should Do for It’s Listeners

H. B. Charles Jr.
H. B. Charles Jr.

The book On Preaching (Moody Press) by HB Charles was recognized in the March-April issue of Preaching as our Book of the Year for 2014. (HB is also the host pastor of this year’s National Conference on Preaching, May 12-14, in Jacksonville, Florida. Learn more at NCP2015.com) In addition to this excellent book, Pastor Charles also has a website (HBCharles.com) that includes interesting interviews and articles. In one such article, he talks about developing objectives for the sermon:

“The objectives of the sermon are the aims, goals, or targets you hope to accomplish in the hearts and minds of those who listen to the sermon…There are three big questions I ask as I consider the objectives of the sermon.

“What should they know as a result of hearing this sermon?
“There was an old deacon who would say to his pastor before church, ‘Don’t try to learn me nothing today, Rev. Just make me feel good.’

“The solemn duty of the Christian herald will not permit him to heed this advice. We must learn them something. Our preaching should teach Christian doctrine and living. The congregation should better understand the chosen text, the doctrine of the passage, and what it means to be a Christian when we preach.

“So ask yourself: What should the hearer know after hearing this sermon that they did not know already know? What truth should be declared, affirmed, or reinforced in the sermon? What will they learn by hearing this message?

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SOURCE: Preaching

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