What Does Hillary’s Silence on Netanyahu’s Victory Say?


by Jon Kraushar

Following his election victory, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at length with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, and with President Obama, but there’s no sign that Netanyahu has heard from Hillary Clinton, who is expected to announce soon that she will run for U.S. president.

This stands in stark contrast to several Republicans contemplating presidential bids who rushed to congratulate Netanyahu right after his “against all odds” win for his Likud Party.

Clinton has been tweeting—although she’s shy about emailing—on all sorts of subjects. So, why, as the leading Democratic presidential possibility, has she not reached out to Netanyahu? Perhaps it’s to solidify her support from the Democratic Party, which has grown increasingly unsympathetic to Israel—influenced by President Obama and what The New York Times has called his “poisonous relationship” with Netanyahu.

Clinton has called Netanyahu a “complicated figure” and admitted that, as secretary of state, “I was often the designated yeller,” browbeating Netanyahu as she represented the Obama administration’s insistence that Netanyahu make concessions to Israel’s enemies.

Whether today or in the past, is that any way for a potential U.S. president to treat America’s closest friend in the Middle East?

The Republican Party and its presumptive presidential candidates stand squarely behind Netanyahu and his efforts to keep Israel safe. But according to Alon Pinkas, who was Israel’s consul general in New York when Mrs. Clinton was New York’s U.S. senator,  “Her relationship with [Netanyahu] is very bad, just not as toxic as Obama’s.”

Clinton’s history with Netanyahu includes, as MSNBC.com pointed out that, “…longtime [Hillary] Clinton message guru Paul Begala went to Israel to help Netanyahu’s rival, and several strategists who worked for Barack Obama and could potentially join a Clinton campaign—led by field organizer Jeremy Bird—areworking with a nonprofit that opposes Netanyahu. Clinton’s longtime pollster, Stan Greenberg, has worked for the opposition Labor Party in the past as well.”

But whatever reservations Clinton has about Netanyahu, she needs to go on the record (as her Republican counterparts have) about where she stands regarding what Megyn Kelly rightly referred to as an American-Israeli relationship that is “critical for both sides”—including a working relationship with Mr. Netanyahu.

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SOURCE: Fox News

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