Evangelists Say Jesus Christ Is the Answer for Middle East Reconciliation

Middle East peace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection is good for Israel, but the only hope for reconciliation in the Middle East is the acceptance of Jesus Christ by Jews and Arabs alike, two evangelists to Jews told Baptist Press.

Netanyahu’s victory gained his Likud Party 29 seats in the country’s one-chamber parliament, but does not guarantee his success in building a coalition of partners in the 120-seat body, analysts say. The left-leaning Zionist Union gained 24 seats.

Jim Sibley, a lecturer in biblical studies at the Israel College of the Bible, called Netanyahu’s reelection remarkable, as it overcame “significant foreign investment in his opposition,” and contradicted opinion polls against him.

“But it was also significant because of a change in Netanyahu’s position regarding Judea and Samaria. He abandoned the two-state solution, which has been a hallmark of both American and Israeli policy, saying that a Palestinian State at present would be a terrorist state,” Sibley told BP in a written statement. “Instead, a growing number of observers are persuaded that exercising Israeli sovereignty will be both in Israel’s interests and in the interests of the Arab population. This would especially be true of the Christian Arabs who have been leaving the area in record numbers due to fears of Muslim persecution.

“Regardless, as Christians, we know that the only lasting peace will come as Israelis and Arabs embrace peace with God through faith in Jesus” Sibley said. “Ultimately, reconciliation will not be found in political solutions, but only in Christ.”

Prior to the election, Netanyahu pledged to prevent Palestinian statehood. But in an MSNBC interview after his election he said he still favors two states, but that such a solution was not possible as long as Hamas has power.

Mitch Glaser, a Messianic believer and president of the Chosen People Ministries in New York City, has shown a film featuring the testimony of a young Israeli Christian to 250,000 Israelis, a sign of their openness to Christianity, he told BP.

The median age in Israel is just under 30 years old, Glaser said, which puts many Israelites on active duty reserve in the Israeli army. Younger Israelis are experiencing economic and security struggles that have made them open to Christianity as a solution, Glaser believes.

“I especially pray for this new generation of Israelis who are generally hurting economically and eager for good relationships with Palestinians while at the same time deeply concerned for the security of the nation. This internal conflict was evident in the recent election,” Glaser told BP in a written statement. “But, until the day comes when Hamas in Gaza recognizes the existence of the state of Israel, and reasonable national security and safety for the far dominant Jewish population of Israel is established with the Palestinian Authority who have attempted to form a coalition with Hamas, these young Israelis will be constantly concerned with security when in fact they would prefer building a viable economy and home for their children.

“This is why I believe many younger Israelis are open to the Gospel,” he said.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Diana Chandler

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