Tyrese Gibson Afraid Ex-Wife Will Kidnap Their Daughter, Take her to Israel


Actor-singer Tyrese Gibson has filed legal documents saying he fears his ex-wife may kidnap their child and permanently move the 7-year-old girl to Israel without his consent.

According to TMZ.com, the “Baby Boy” star recently appeared before a judge and pleaded with the court to “put the brakes” on Norma Gibson’s plan to take an upcoming vacation to Israel. The website adds Norma is an Israeli citizen and has legal authority to reside there with no rights being granted to the other parent.

TMZ adds Tyrese insists he has previously attempted to enter into a contract with Norma, where she would sign legal documents promising to return to the United States with the child by a certain date, but she has refused to sign them. The documents also stipulate Norma would lose custody of Shayla if she did not adhere to the terms.

Mother and daughter are slated to leave the country on March 27, but the matter remains under the review of a court mediator who will outline all the terms.

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SOURCE: Latin Post – Glenn Minnis

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