“I Am a Christian”: Stacey Dash, Kevin Sorbo Set to Star In Film About Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim, from Sudan, with her daughter Maya in her arms leaves for Philadelphia from Rome's Fiumicino Airport Photo: EPA
Meriam Ibrahim, from Sudan, with her daughter Maya in her arms leaves for Philadelphia from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport Photo: EPA

A film based on the experiences of Meriam Ibrahim, who was accused of apostasy and sentenced to death in Sudan last year, is to be made if its promoters can get the funding they require.

Fundraising for ‘I am a Christian’ – the title is taken from her words when she was asked to deny her faith – has begun on the IndieGoGo website.

It is not clear who is behind the project launched by Christian Lives Matter, described as a faith/family film company. Meriam Ibrahim’s consent for the film is not a legal requirement but spokesman Brian Harrington told Christian Today that the promoters were “working on talking to her”.

The website says that it is being made as an explicitly Christian film because “Hollywood” would not tell her story accurately. Furthermore, it says: “In return for your help, we would like to give something back. 40 per cent of the film’s gross earnings will be donated to Judeo/Christian charities working to fight religious persecution worldwide, and, a full 10 per cent will go to Meriam and her family to provide life and hope for their future. We dare any Hollywood studio to make the same offer.”

Among those lined up to take part in the film are Rachel Hendrix, who starred in the pro-life Christian film October Baby, Ben Davies, star of Courageous, about four police officers struggling with their faith and their work, actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash and Kevin Sorbo, star of God’s Not Dead.

Investors are invited to contribute sums from $5 to $50,000, with incentives offered for different donations: a $2,500 gift gets 10 donors a poster signed by the cast and crew, while for $8,000 10 donors receive a set visit for two. For $12,500 three donors can be actors in the movie, while for $50,000 a single donor can be named as an executive producer.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Mark Woods

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