Dwight McKissick Says for American Baptist College “to Conflate and Confuse Justice With Homosexuality, that the Bible Clearly Marks Is Out of the Will of God and Sinful, Is to Me Tantamount to High Crime and Treason”

American Baptist College

A group of pastors is waiting for a response to their concerns at the historically black American Baptist College in Nashville.

The college is holding a lecture series through Wednesday, March 18, and among the speakers are three active proponents of same-sex “marriage.”

Dwight McKissick, pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, notes that one speaker is Bishop Yvette Flunder of the United Church of Christ, who oversees 40 “welcoming and affirming” churches.

“A euphemism for gay churches,” McKissick explains, “and she was scheduled to preach and lead worship at what historically has been a traditional, orthodox, Bible-believing college.”

The title of the lecture series is “Ministry in Motion: Living Faith, Doing Justice.”

In a “Closer Look” story on OneNewsNow, a spokesman for the school said:

I think that the first thing that we would have people to understand is that Bishop Flunder will be focusing most of her remarks and comments while at American Baptist College on the innovative nature of the ministry that she (Flunder) conducts that addresses the rights and needs of persons with HIV and AIDS. And I think that is completely compatible and consistent with the belief and philosophy of Christian people and Christian institutions to care for the least of us in any given society.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Charlie Butts

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