Russ Parr Talks About His New Film, “Hear No Evil”

Russ Parr

Spiritual thrillers are few and far between on the big and small screens these days, but screenwriter, director and radio personality Russ Parr believes God gave him a story to tell with the film “Hear No Evil.”

The new film will give audiences a unique approach to faith, when a 15-year-old hearing impaired girl named Shelby Carson suddenly gains the ability to hear after an unexpected accident. Although she’s no longer forced to hear silence because of her disability, she begins to hear messages from God that reveal more than she bargains for about her loved ones and strangers.

When Shelby begins to get acquainted with her new auditory sense, she’s forced to battle the burden of knowing people’s secrets, health issues and unbelief. Parr, the film’s writer and director, has a personal spiritual journey that prompted him to write “Hear No Evil.” While he created films such as the popular “35 & Ticking,” and faith-based drama “The Undershepherd,” “Hear No Evil” was birthed out of a situation that strengthened his own belief in God.

He recalled a time when his daughter became very ill a couple of years ago, which made him fear for her life. Since Parr’s “Russ Parr Morning Show” is syndicated in 45 cities, he used it as a platform to call for prayer and told The Christian Post about the moment that changed his life.

“I felt unworthy of asking people to pray for my daughter — that other people have worse problems than I do, but I did. I went on the radio and I asked everybody to pray for my daughter,” he recalled in his interview with CP. “The next day, she was better. And if there was any doubt, that solidified my faith in God and the power of prayer.”

The ordeal inspired Parr to write “Hear No Evil,” in order to demonstrate the power of God and prayer.

“In this movie we see the transformation of someone who is a nonbeliever become a believer. I just wanted to show the power of God, the power of prayer,” Parr told CP.

In one scene, Parr highlights prayer by acknowledging that some people have issues with the spiritual practice. Some question if they are praying in the right way, which is something that the film’s creator can identify with all too well.

“One of the characters realizes (they) don’t know how to pray. And they’re told God will listen to you, there is no set way,” he revealed. “That’s me personally, I’ll start to pray and feel like I’m praying wrong. That was a powerful moment for me.”

Parr added, “there is no wrong way to pray, just talk to Him and He will listen.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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