Emory University to Offer Classes on Ferguson


Emory University will offer a course this fall called “The Ferguson Movement”. According to the University, the course is designed to “contextualize the August 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, within the larger discussion of race, politics and power in the United States.”

The class will cover topics including policing, media, voting rights, tax policy, state and local politics.

Dorothy Brown, Emory vice provost of academic affairs and professor of law, helped create the course. In a University press release, she said the course would help participants think broadly about the impact that Brown’s death — and the overwhelming public response to it — has had on contemporary society. “This is a great fit for Emory,” Brown said.

The Ferguson class is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students can find additional information HERE.

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Source: 11 Alive | Julie Wolfe, WXIA

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