Christian Minister and Florida City Councilwoman Kimberly Daniels Has Been Accused of Getting Into Profanity-Laced Squabble With Council Candidate

Kimberly Daniels (Kimberly Daniels/Facebook)
Kimberly Daniels (Kimberly Daniels/Facebook)

Police seek arrest warrant for Williams’ brother for assaulting Daniels

A profanity-laced squabble involving Jacksonville City Councilwoman Kimberly Daniels and council candidate Sirretta Williams broke out in front of a polling station on the first day of early voting Monday.

Most of the conflicting stories in a police report suggest personal grudges — not politics or a dispute over candidate signs — were to blame.

Daniels told police she was hit in the arm by Williams’ brother as she tried to drive away from the Highlands Regional Branch Library on Dunn Avenue. Police are seeking an arrest warrant for her brother, Theoffers Wakefield, Jr., on one charge of felony battery of an elected official, according to a police report released Tuesday.

Wakefield, along with Williams and another witness, told police that Daniels wasn’t attacked and that she instigated the confrontation.

Police also interviewed Councilman Reggie Brown during their investigation. Brown told police he was speaking with Daniels on the phone as the incident unfolded and advised her to leave the scene.

A police spokeswoman said Tuesday that there were no updates in the case.

Williams and Daniels are both local ministers running in this spring’s City Council elections. Williams is running in the crowded race for the vacant District 7 seat. Daniels is defending her At-Large Group 1 seat.

A police report outlines differing accounts of what happened.

According to Daniels’ statement:

Daniels was visiting campaign volunteers outside of the polling location when council candidate Katrina Brown’s mother, Joanne Brown, asked if she could help Daniels pass out her campaign materials. Daniels said no, but Brown continued insisting that she help.

Then, as Daniels was tying her shoe on a chair, Williams approached and yelled, “Tell that b**** to get her feet off that chair.”

Daniels said she walked away and got in her car to leave. As she pulled out of the parking lot, she said a vehicle drove behind her, and the driver honked the horn. She rolled down her window as Wakefield approached the car, and she said he threatened to hit her. Daniels said he came closer and swung at her face, but she raised her arms in defense and deflected the blow. Wakefield left the scene, and Daniels’ campaign manager, Bradford Hall, flagged down a police officer working at a nearby car accident.

A police officer who responded to the scene didn’t observe any marks or injuries to Daniels’ arm, according to the report.

A firefighter who examined her after the incident didn’t observe any marks and said Daniels appeared to be normal.

Wakefield told police his sister called him and said Daniels wanted to fight her. He said he drove to the library and approached Daniels’ car. He said he was upset and tried to intimidate her. He denied hitting her, telling police “I don’t hit women.”

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