Donnie McClurkin “Overwhelmed” With Grief After Sister Dies from Heart Attack

Cheryl McClurkin died March 3, 2015 from a heart attack
Cheryl McClurkin died March 3, 2015 from a heart attack

In 2011 he lost his father. In 2013, 10 months later, he lost his mother. In 2015, his sister has gone home to be with the Lord.

Understandably, Pastor Donnie McClurkin says he is “overwhelmed” with grief after Cheryl “Cheri” McClurkin’s death from a heart attack.

She was 52.

“My heart is overwhelmed w/ my sister’s loss,” the 55-year-old wrote on Instagram, Wednesday, March 11.

He also revealed that the home-going service is Friday, adding, “I’m eulogizing my sister. Pray for us!”

Looking weary-eyed and grief-stricken, McClurkin also announced a UK ministry date.

Cheryl, Founder of Cheronic Productions, was actively raising funds for her new play “A Cry For Help,” which she was heavily promoting on social media.

“I never would have dreamed—ever—to write a play and especially about my life,” she said in a video uploaded to Facebook.

“This is my testimony on stage about me and my children,” Cheryl wrote on her Go Fund Me fundraising Page. She described herself as once “Gang Banging, Drug Dealing, Promisuous [sic], Bitter towards all Christians.”

The aim of the production, according to her, was “Letting the Masses know that you are not alone in your own issues. Just leave it alone and let God be God.”

She had raised $340 of a $50,000 goal.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Andrea Harris

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  1. I,m sorry to hear about the passing of Pastor Donnie,s Sister -I Pray His Strength In The Lord, but there are some things he need to take care of and he went wrong directions on some things and God,s trying to help him get back on track–God asked Abraham for Issac to see how much Abraham loved God–talk to u about this later…

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